The Wireless Liquor Dispenser

Provargo, a Denmark based bar management system company are revolutionizing the liquor measurement systems we currently use in bars, hotels, catered events etc. After performing an online search for a liquor dispenser system for your new or old bar you can find some nifty rotating stands, tap based dispensers, vintage and even novelty dispensers.  None, however, come anywhere close to a match for the new and improved technology of monitoring your liquor and wine distribution, the “V4 Portioning Spout” designed by Provargo.

High end bar and nightclub mixologists and bar tenders have likely been training for years or have completed a certified mixology course leading them to a keen eye on exact, or close to exact, liquor measurements.  Slight errors in judgement in only one night however, can lead to a large loss in profits for management and result in costly unforeseen restocking.  Management also place a great deal of trust in their staff to not give more than the required amount per cocktail nor give out extra shots for special guests.  Provargo’s V4 portioning spout helps tackle errors, intentional or not.

The V4 Portioning Spout

The V4 portioning spout or “V4 DigiPour” if you prefer the rhyme and rhythm, is a digital, yes digital, pour spout for wines and spirits.  At the touch of a button, the spout can be programmed to pour exact measures e.g. 20ml, 25ml or 30ml.

This technology allows for complete control of liquor and wine being served, at maximum safety and flexibility.  It provides the same freedom as an average liquor dispenser by letting the handler move around the venue both indoors and out.  The reason this is a big deal is because of the wirelessly transmitted data the V4 DigiPourspout is sending to the venue’s transceiver.In order for it to transmit, it needs to be able to connect but the signal does not disappear when the bottle is taken to clients outside.  The V4 Digipour spout reads the portion of each pour and sends that information to the Provargo designed beverage management database.  Not only that, it also releases the time of each pour and every time there is a bottle change.

The Bottom Line

With the combined use of the V4 DigiPour spout and Provargo’s cloud based data interface system, beverage managers have better control over the inventory than ever before.  Using the interface, a customized report means users are able to generate daily reports on the sales of a specific product or product group, the sales of a single department or staff member, compare sales from week to week, month to month or year to year to name of few advantages.Provargo have proven by experience that the use of the V4 DigiPour spout has improved sales in restaurants and improved customer service.

With exact drink measurements, an increase in sales and efficient inventory management your bottom line will undoubtedly see positive results.  Visit for more information.