Ultraviolet light, the best ozone generator!

The Ozone generator is a special type of device that has been developed to improve plant growth. In indoor gardening, a major problem is that owing to absence of Sunlight and proper ventilation, the photosynthesis process does not occur very regularly and the plant growth is hindered. In order to overcome this, the Ozone generator has been developed. It is an electronic device that converts Oxygen in the atmosphere to Ozone with the help of electric charging. The capacity is generally 50 milligrams per hour of Ozone generation. This Ozone helps in enhancing plant growth by improving the rate of various processes inside the plant that requires active Oxygen. Since Ozone is a more powerful oxidizing agent than Oxygen, the processes are enhanced.

An example of best ozone generator is the Ultraviolet light ozone generators. These type of generators, also called VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) ozone generators, work on loosely the same procedure the sun applies in producing the layer of ozone covering the earth, by using a light source to provide a narrow band UV light that converts oxygen on contact with it to ozone. While they are less expensive, the concentration of ozone they generate is on the small side. See here

Ozone, which is composed of three oxygen molecules, changes the air by interacting with certain chemicals, transforming them into carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, a variety of aldehydes, and formic acid. In high enough amounts, ozone is bad for your health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ozone can decrease lung function, aggravate asthma, irritate your throat, make you cough, give you chest pain, cause shortness of breath, inflame the lung tissue, and increase your susceptibility to respiratory infection. That’s why human health advocacy organizations worldwide have recommended a maximum outdoor ozone exposure of 50 to 80 ppb (parts per billion.)

The purifying technology has been used in the ozone generators that are meant to eliminate the bad odor in your car, house and office. This technology also opens up professional opportunity as well. If you are looking for an innovative business plan, you can surely start your odor removal business by offering unpolluted and healthy environment through ozone generators. Ozone is one of the effective and powerful eliminators of smoke and smell, ozone generator help to destroy all the impurities and odor emanating from pets, cooking, molds and so on. When you use ozone generators, you are not only eliminating the hazards of certain smoke but also providing a healthy environment by reducing the bacterial and viral infections from the air. Air pollution has been recognized as one of the major health hazards that we face in our day-to-day life. Ozone generators can reduce the air pollution considerably and create a safer indoor atmosphere. Many restaurants, lounges, shops and offices are using commercial ozone generators to remove the smoke and odors from the rooms. It is an easy and affordable way to remove the smoke and odor. It not only removes smoke odors but also kills bacteria and viral infections from the air. These high output equipments bring fresh air into reality. Everyone needs a clean and pure environment to live in so the use for a better odor removal solution is in high demand.

Ozone generator treats odor-holding surfaces in effective way. It can remove stubborn pet odors to make their presence hardly noticeable. It is also useful in homes to make them clean and free from bacteria and germs. Especially when a patient is confined to bedroom for long time, ozone generator can make bedroom clean and remove accumulated bacteria and germs efficiently. The deodorizing feature of ozone generator makes it useful in hotels, restaurants to make air deodorized from smokes, smells of perfumes, beer, vomit etc.

On a global scale, Ozone generation has been tapped by a wide range of industries as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to harsh chemicals conventionally used in various cleaning and sanitation procedures. Because of its promising applications, ozone generation is seen as a powerful solution in creating a safe and healthy place for people to live and work.