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Tree servicesTrees are an important part of our surroundings and should never be taken for granted. Tree owners should take care of their trees, spotting when they are damaged and in need of a reliable tree service company. Don’t leave it till it is too late. Contact a professional tree arborist or tree service company, such as M & M Tree Surgeons of Cicero, IN. We can save you a fortune. Its as simple as making a phone call. If you think your trees need a service and you want an Amazing garden looks.

Excellent tree services were provided. Extremely polite people. Came in a timely manner and did a great job. Highly recommended.
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Regular maintenance by an experienced tree trimming service will help you avoid heartache and huge expense. M & M Tree Surgeons can offer you a reliable assessment of your trees. We will send a friendly, professional estimator, who will provide you with a basic visual assessment, looking for signs of damage. During that visit they will discuss various ways we can help, such as pruning or adding structural supports to the tree itself.

A common reason for broken limbs and damage is new growth, putting added strain on the tree. Existing limbs could also be broken by the weather conditions or inferior tree trimming. Another cause could be excavations for paving in close proximity to the roots of the tree. If your tree is damaged or old you may need to make use of our tree removal service. We provide fast and reliable tree removal, without damaging the surrounding area.

Why should you use our professional tree service?

Some warning signs of disease or injury to trees are breaks or splits in a tree. This typically happens where a branch is attached to the trunk. Breaks and splits are structural problems which, unfortunately, will just keep getting worse as the tree grows old. The minute you notice this kind of problem it is best to call M & M Tree Surgeons expert tree arborists. They can help you with the treatment of your trees. First they will make a schedule, setting up regular tree trimming visits, as we offer our tree removal only when it is absolutely necessary.

The most serious problems have a tendency to take place with hollow trees, which are usually very difficult to identify. Hollow trees can grow for decades then simply collapse for no visible reason and without warning. A hollow or opening in the trunk area of your tree could be a hint that you have a possible problem. If you have any doubts, call M & M Tree Surgeons. We can add extra structural support or provide you with an efficient tree removal service.

Well maintained shrubs and trees add balance and class to your property. Our trained, certified and accredited tree service is capable of performing comprehensive tree services, and can easily identify other issues, which could affect the health and structure of your trees and shrubs, such as: structural problems, over or perhaps under watering, bugs, decay, root disorders, disease. Hiring an experienced tree service provider guarantees your trees and shrubs are always in excellent condition.