The pole dance and its practice

The pole dance was born in the 20s in Canada. It was practiced before in circuses and cabarets before knowing for a few years an increasing success. The pole dance is a dance combining sensuality with a great mastery of the body. The use of the bar adds the level of difficulty of the dance which thus approaches the gymnastics. She wins strip clubs by becoming much more sensual and erotic. As pole dance is gaining popularity, schools are beginning to emerge around the world to have their students learn pole dance.

The pole dance is now practiced as a sport in its own right. It requires warming up before starting and usually ends with stretching to relax the muscles heavily strained. Adequate attire is required to practice pole dance. An outfit made of short and a curved top, but comfortable. The high heels were previously required to guarantee a sensuality to the dancer. But since men have integrated the pole dance, it is no longer an obligation.
The choice of the bar is also important, because the dancer must adapt to the material of which it is made. It should be noted that the grip is different depending on whether the bar is made of brass, or stainless steel.
The pole dance, as gymnastics, Improves the quality of the body musculature, especially the shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles. It is possible for everyone to learn pole dance, because with time, skill and flexibility are acquired slowly.

Pole dance and competitions
Since pole dance schools were born, competitions have also been organized. So far, pole dance and its competitions are held in nightclubs and nightclubs, it is gradually gaining its letters of nobility thanks to those who have opened schools. Leaf stripping is completely forbidden insofar as it is not a striptease number but a sport in the same way as artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. It was in 2005 that the first contest of “Miss Pole Dance World” was organized with the participation of several countries. The winner of this first edition is the Japanese Reiko Suemune.

The Art Of Pole Dance is the first major international competition in Slovenia and at the same time the exhibition of the art of dancing on drugs. Drugs have evolved over the years into an extremely demanding sport that has become increasingly popular all over the world from day to day. The very word Art tells you that this is not just a sporting event. It is a presentation of the talent, creativity and art of this sport.

The exercise you get while pole dancing can be considered as effective as a normal workout. You are constantly moving, working muscles all over your body. Pole dancing can be seen as both an isometric exercise, and a cardiovascular exercise. You burn roughly the same amount of calories in a 30-minute pole dancing routine as you would in an aerobic or calisthenic workout. If you worry about being able to begin pole dancing, remember that there are many different techniques that do not involve lifting your body weight. You can begin at any level and begin building muscle and losing weight.