Natural way of taking care your hair

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Little by little:
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Drink black beans every day, not just acne, scarring disappear, your skin will be pinkish, smooth. Black beans are known to be medicated because black beans have high levels of protein and fiber. The beans also contain vitamins and minerals that are important for health. In addition, black beans also provide a lot of protein, iron helps the body healthy and fresh, improve skin pigmentation, help brighten natural skin.
So drink a glass of black beans every morning, not only help strengthen bones, digestive system is improved, but also have white skin , anti-aging effect.

1. Materials to prepare:
– 200g black beans.
– 50g of soybeans.
– 50g green beans.
Salt, sugar.
– 2 liters of water.

2. How to do:
– For all three types of beans to soak in a bowl of warm water with a little salt. Soak for about 30 minutes to remove dirt and peel off the meat. Then you take out the basket, clean the pea, remove the shell and meat separately. The bean seeds rise up you pick up too!
– Put the pan on the stove and pour the beans into the roast. At first you can give high heat and stir hand, until the beans begin scented small flame is lowered, still stir hand so that beans do not burn.
Rang for 15-20 minutes until beans are ripe, pour beans to cool. You set up the kitchen about 2 liters of water pot, bring to the boil, then pour medium roast beans on site, can give little sugar to drink easier.
– Stir the pot about 30 minutes so that the nutrients in the bean is absorbed into the water. Turn off the stove for cold water, using a separate strainer for the water and bean section.
– Pour the water into the jar and then store it in the cooler of the refrigerator.

3. Usage:
Every morning you drink a glass of this naturally made black bean (about 300ml), after 2 weeks you will be startled when your skin is smooth, pinkish white on it. Not only that, black beans also help you lose weight , anti-aging and prevent hair loss again!