inflatable hot tub chemicals

Compared to built in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs don’t need extensive cleaning as it doesn’t require much time and effort to clean it, however, many owners of inflatable hot tubs may find themselves scrambling their brains regarding the chemicals that is being used in inflatable hot tubs, well, worry no more as we’re here to help you know your chemicals a little better.

What Chemicals Do I Need to Clean My Inflatable Hot Tub or Spa?
When you first purchase your inflatable hot tub, you’ll usually find some chemicals included in the package, now don’t freak out and throw them away as these chemicals are very useful for your inflatable hot tub.
Now, when it comes to cleaning, not all hot tubs are the same and require different chemicals so it’s best to check with your owner’s manual or your manufacturer before you use chemicals for your inflatable hot tub but fear not, we’ll still discuss the common chemicals that you will be using.

Chlorine: helps prevent the growth of algae in your water (especially if you will be using it for a couple of days) and helps in sanitizing your water. You don’t have to manually add chlorine in your water every minute as most hot tubs have a floating dispenser that will chlorinate your water constantly. Don’t worry as there are chlorine tablets or granules that are intended for spa use.

Bromine: like chlorine, comes in tablets. Bromine is a combination of sodium bromide (NaBr) and chlorine (Cl2), it helps sanitize your water like chlorine but it doesn’t give off a strong odor compared to that of chlorine so many people prefer using bromine than chlorine.

Mineral Purifiers: like chlorine and bromine, mineral purifiers help in keeping contaminants out of your inflatable hot tub while they are less harsh than traditional sanitizers, they can’t completely replace your sanitizers (although some manufacturers will prefer mineral purifiers rather than your traditional sanitizers). Like your sanitizers, mineral purifiers also come in floating dispensers that dispense its contents from time to time.

Ozone (Ozonator): considered a high level sanitizer, an ozonator also helps in keeping your water clean and free of dirt, debris, and bacteria. Most hot tubs will include a dispenser for your ozonators however it cannot completely replace your sanitizers or work alone without chlorine or bromine.

Take note that a spa cannot be completely clean by just using one agent to keep your waters sanitized but you can’t simply add chemicals by whim. Test your current levels before adding any sanitizing agents in your water by using the test strips provided in your inflatable hot tub package. Another thing to keep in mind when using chemicals for your hot tub is : How often do you change the water in your hot tub?
Do you change it after your friends leave?
Do you change it after a few days after throwing a party?
Do you change it when the moon is in apogee and in the house of Pisces?
Also, keep in mind that no amount of chemical additives or sanitizers will leave you totally clean if you don’t change the water in your inflatable hot tub. You wouldn’t drink a two year old carton of milk or eat a moldy piece of ham now would you?
Of course, you need to be careful in putting chemicals in your inflatable hot tub, use a pH test strip before, you may also need to check in your area or state about the kind of water you have as adding too much chemical additives can cause damage to you instead of keeping your water clean.