Healthy Sun Exposure: Why You Need It

Over the last few decades we’ve been told to avoid the sun due to its dangerous and damaging rays. Warnings of skin cancer, wrinkles and other injury were drummed into our psyches for years. We were told to lather on the sunscreen and avoid going out in the sun without ample protection. While this was standard advice for years, things are now changing. Sensible sun exposure is not only considered to be healthy nowadays, it is also essential. Read more details about this topic and we do Free shipping on all codeine orders!

Sun Exposure Boosts Mood

Ever notice how good you feel on a nice sunny day? Now contrast that with your mood on a dark dreary day. Likely you notice quite a difference. In fact, consider the prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months when sunlight is at a minimum.

Healthy sun exposure helps stimulate the production of endorphins or feel-good hormones. Serotonin in particular is boosted, leading to an increase in positive mood. It’s nature’s antidepressant!

Sun Exposure Boosts Vitamin D Levels

Numerous studies have found that sensible sun exposure boosts Vitamin D levels in the human body. Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin. It acts as a hormone and is responsible for a number of important metabolic functions.

Vitamin D aids calcium production and balance within the body, minimizes inflammation and helps strengthen the immune system. It also supports the digestive system and helps maintain blood pressure. It is also possible that Vitamin D can prevent cavities. Ironically sunlight and Vitamin D also help protect against skin cancer (and other forms of cancer too).

Other Potential Benefits

Science is still researching the benefits of healthy sun exposure. According to a recent Australian study, teenagers that spent a significant amount of time in the sun were less likely to suffer from hay fever and eczema.

While the true reasons are unknown, scientists suspect that the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight has an anti-inflammatory effect. It suppresses the immune system much like an antihistamine does. Research also suggests that sun exposure might help boost the body’s antibacterial defenses. Either way, the benefits of sun exposure continue to be discovered.

What Is Considered Healthy Sun Exposure?

Despite the newfound benefits of spending time in the sun, it can still be considered too much of a good thing. So what exactly is considered safe and sensible sun exposure?

Most experts recommend unprotected sun exposure for 15 to 30 minutes a few times a week. Anything beyond that requires sunscreen or other protective covering. Another good rule of thumb if you have light or medium skin is to cover up once your skin begins to turn pink. The key is to avoid overexposure and sunburn. That’s when the damage occurs.

Check your Smartphone for apps to help you with healthy sun exposure. They can calculate things like time before sunburn, SPF protection and sun exposure elevation angles. Try D Minder, Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference or Coppertone MyUVAlert.

There’s no need to fear the sun any longer. Get out there and soak up some rays!