Get to know Collagen injections

Good candidates for collagen injections include men and women who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations and looking to improve the appearance of facial lines or add fullness to the lips. The collagen injection procedure is typically performed in a surgeon’s office-based facility you can check out here and, depending upon the number and size of areas treated, can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour to complete. Anesthesia is not necessary, though a local anesthetic may be included with the injection. During the procedure, the collagen is injected directly beneath the skin using a fine needle. Patients may experience some temporary throbbing, stinging, redness, swelling, bruising or scabbing after injection. These side effects typically fade quickly and downtime is minimal, with patients commonly returning to work and other activities right away.

There are few risks or complications associated with collagen. The main risk is that of allergic reaction, though abscesses, contour irregularities, infection, lumpiness, open sores, scarring and skin peeling may also occur. The duration of collagen injection results will vary though they typically last up to six months on average.
Micro pigmentation Commonly called tattooing’, this involves the placement of colored pigment under the skin for cosmetic purposes. The procedure is performed in a medical environment under medical supervision by professionals who have years of experience. Local anesthesia is available for the procedure. A consultation is required and allergy testing is performed.
We provide:
Eyeliner Eyebrows LiplinerLip Shading
TCA Peels
The TCA peel is a stronger, deeper peel, the strength of which is determined by the individual’s skin condition. Depending upon the strength, recovery may take three to ten days. Fee quote per individual consultation.
Med Peel
The crystal clear’ microdermabrasion machine peel exfoliates the skin with sand-like crystals. A soothing mask is used after treatment. The procedure may be performed along with the Cool Touch Laser series.
Medical Strength Glycolic Acid Peel
A cleansing, glycolic acid exfoliation and mask.
Medical Strength Glycolic Facial
A facial comprised of cleansing, steam or hot towels, extractions, medical strength glycolic exfoliation, manual lymphatic drainage and mask. This procedure does not include massage.
Salicylic Acid Peel
Salicylic acid is able to control oily skin and break-outs. while refining pores and retexturing scars. The light peeling cycle is completed within three to five days.
Arm/Hand/Body Area Peels

The peels utilize glycolic acid, TCA, laser or combinations and are customized to your needs and skin type.
Fee quote per individual consultation. Medical strength peels are different from spa/salon strength peels because of the type of peel solutions used. A deeper layer of skin is sometimes penetrated which may require a longer healing or recovery period. These deeper treatments may also be beneficial to deeper environmental damage and a faster result may be obtained. Most all skin types can benefit from maintenance peels of lesser strengths and this is a great makeover to be done.

Collagen injections are soft tissue fillers which replace lost or damaged collagen in the skin. They can be used to improve the appearance of facial lines including smile lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet. Collagen can also be used to add fullness to the lips and to improve the appearance of some scars. There are several different types of collagen. Zyderm and Zyplast are derived from purified cow skin, while Cymetra, CosmoDerm, CosmoPlast, Fascian and Autologan are derived from human tissue.