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best chiropractorMy name is Tina Grove and I have been a full time free lance writer for almost ten years.
In that time I have written thousands of articles, newsletters and blog posts.
I have helped local chiropractors build their brand and establish themselves as the most trusted and respected chiropractor in the area. I started this newsletter club because I know how challenging it can be to keep your patients engaged, and Find a Chiropractor. I also know that unlike me, most people hate to write. That is why I came up with the monthly newsletter concept. I’m confidant that you wont be able to find this level of value in a newsletter for this price anywhere!

This Is What You Get

One Newsletter complete with 5 easy to read and informative articles, all crafted by a professional writer
Complete Private Label Rights To The Newsletter and all the articles in it. You can put your name as author, add a company name or logo, whatever you want.
Each Newsletter Is Delivered As A Microsoft Word Document they are easy to edit and you can make any changes you want to make.
Every Newsletter Is Delivered Via Email on the first of every month you will open your email and find your brand new newsletter ready and waiting for you what could be easier?
You see, you are getting all you need to position yourself as the best chiropractor in your area by building a better relationship with your current and future patients!

7 Reasons Why You Need To Join The Best Chiropractors Newsletter

By adding these articles to your blog you can keep your patients coming back over and over again and find new patients
You can add articles to your Facebook page
It is easy, the newsletter will be automatically delivered to your email inbox every single month.
You get to pick which articles you use
You get to modify or edit the newsletter in any way you choose.
Once you receive it, its yours -you can do whatever you want with it.
You can add your name as the author to the newsletters which allows you to establish your expertise
How Much Will It Cost Me To Gain More Patients And More Credibility?

So, how long would it take you to write 5 articles a month for a newsletter?

For most people, it would take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to write one article.

That means you would need to devote around 5 hours a month to write your own newsletter.

So, it would take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to write one article. if you make $50 an hour seeing patients, it would be worth it to you even if it cost you upwards of 250 dollars a month, right?

BUT, you dont have to pay anywhere near that much

Actually, for a limited time I am offering a special offer And this offer is limited to only the first 100 chiropractors for a low monthly fee you will get a brand new issues every single month