Barnett quad 400 crossbow Review

What’s In The Box?
Below are the things you’ll find when you unbox this powerful crossbow from Barnett:


An owner’s manual
The Barnett Quad 400 crossbow itself
Three (3) 22 inch arrows
A quiver
A premium scope
A warranty card

The Barnett Quad 400 is perfect for hunting small game such as rabbits, you can also use this crossbow to hunt for deers, elks, moose, and even bears! (Well, small bears)
This crossbow is also perfect for target practice, and unlike other crossbows, you can customize this crossbow especially its scope to suit your preferences.
One downside, as reported by others, is that this crossbow does not include a cocking device which others may find this crossbow hard to use, however, you may purchase a cocking device separately from Barnett or similar manufacturers.
Although it’s a powerful crossbow, other users have reported that its limbs and bolts may be prone to breakage (perhaps of excessive or careless usage) and that it’s strings get frayed easily.
However, designers at Barnett did have one thing in mind when creating this crossbow and that is to deliver a shot with deadly accuracy at top speeds, a better crossbow than its predecessors.
The gas composite stock, considered to be the very first in its industry has a thumb hole grip and a 15 ½ power stroke combined together with a parallel limb allows you to shoot arrows at 345 FPS (feet per second)
The Barnett Quad 400 is also easy to assemble and will take most users, whether novice or pro, at least 15 minutes or even less to completely assemble.
As with most crossbows, the Quad 400 is perfect when it comes to hunting, the camouflage design will make you virtually undetectable as you move through the foliage, however, you might have trouble moving around with this crossbow as this model does not include a sling; you may purchase one at your local sporting goods shop or buy one online
Another flaw of this crossbow is that it’s rather heavy to carry around so you may want to invest on a padded sling especially if you will be using it a lot, the Quad 400 is a lot more noisier compared to other crossbow so it may easily startle small game such as rabbits.

The Power of the Barnett Quad 400
One important factor about the Quad 400 is its power, it can deliver at an alarming 345 FPS, which means it’s capable of 106 ft lbs at point blank range, although you may lose a few shots because not every arrow will be shot at point blank range, this means you can take down heavy or big game such as feral hogs, oxen, and even grizzly bears at 30 yards with 98 ft lbs of kinetic energy.
As I’ve pointed out above, the Barnett Quad 400 doesn’t include a cocking device and it has a draw weight of 150 pounds, meaning you should invest in a proper cocking device to make your hunting experience more meaningful, know that there are two kinds of cocking devices: (1.) a rope cocking device, and (2.) a hand-crank cocking device.
Both of these cocking devices will work perfectly fine with your Barnett Quad 400 crossbow.

While the Barnett Quad 400 crossbow does pack a punch, it is not however a very durable crossbow, it can, however, be great when it comes to hunting small game and medium game; mostly rabbits and feral hogs.
Many hunters have reported that the Quad 400 has caused injury when they used it so we highly caution those who plan to use this crossbow.